One Man's Story

For me it began with a once in a lifetime trip to Southern Africa. I was invited onto a 3 country safari and knew that I would never have this experience again. Wanting to preserve the memories as best I could, I invested in a second hand Canon 100-400mm lens, hoping to capture the whole experience. I shot 10,000 pictures - all on auto and whilst by law of averages some of the photos were very nice, most were awful.

I'm Photographer

I needed and wanted to understand how to compose and take better photographs and vowed to learn. This was just the perfectionist in me who hates not being able to do something. I was bought a weekend training course by my wonderful wife and slowly learned to take better photos. I read books, watched YouTube clips (Nigel Danson has inspired me massively) and played and slowly I found the passion for photography grow inside me. Now it consumes all of my non-working hours (and quite a few of the as well).

My journey is not unique and is still only beginning, but for me I have found a part of me I didn't know was there. I love sharing my new love and hope you can glean some joy from some of my images.

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